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Join Irv’s Crusade (to Avoid the impact of the Estate Tax Law…Legally)
Every time the wizards in Washington have repealed the estate tax, it was only temporary. The estate tax law—really a political football—has been repealed and reincarnated back into law three times

So, common sense dictates that we must take matters into our own hands: not to crusade to repeal the law, but to eliminate its impact on our wealth. But of course, only legally. This website shows you how and is only the beginning of Irv’s Crusade, which teaches you step—by—step how to win the estate tax game. To take advantage of all the benefits of this website, you must..
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Analyze Your Life Insurance Policies
Yes, it’s true: If you’re looking for a boring subject…. Analyzing Life Insurance probably leads the parade. Yet, in the real—life world of dollar—saving and dollar-producing results that same Analyzing Life Insurance subject unquestionably leads all other tax-free wealth creation opportunities

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